Shadow Studio Workshops


Shadow Puppet workshops are built around ideas of visual story telling using the Shadow. Shadow puppets are made and used to create animated shadow theater pieces. Participants will learn the basics of shadow puppetry and leave with a shadow puppet theater kit and a DVD with animated still images of their work.

Tailored for all age groups and abilities, Shadow Casting workshops are suitable for children (nurseries, schools, parties) and adults (groups, corporate). Workshop activities will range depending on available time. I am covered by public liability insurance, CRB checked,  and have references on request.

I am a registered artist with Workshops for Schools and Nurseries.

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“We recently attended your Shadow Workshop and my daughter was transfixed. She was bubbling with enthusiasm and still remains very keen to show anyone and everyone her puppet show! It was a workshop I’m sure she would do again and one I would recommend. I look forward to seeing the miniature movie.” Rebecca, Chapter Arts

This was great it was lots of fun, thank you so much !,  Georgie

This was amazing ! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys art, Hanah

I loved this workshops , everyone who reads this should try it it was AMAZING!, Participant feedback De La Warr Pavillion Familiy Arts Week